Saturday, February 18, 2012

When a body gets eighty sixed

Oh hi there! It's been so long since I've been here--Nov 10th, is that right? So long that I forgot the password for a long time until I just found it. Ha ha! I hope all of you are well in 2012. I've been working on the ultimate eighty-six since October 31st...losing weight. I mean, how bad can it be to start a diet on the best candy day of the year?! UGH! Anyway, it's taken up a considerable amount of time and effort, but it's been really good for me and I feel a lot better--more focused, more driven to get things done. I didn't set out with a defined goal; I find weight loss can be a really depressing experience when you set a goal and it doesn't happen. I didn't really even tell anyone about it until I knew it would take. I just began by really working out and watching everything I ate. I did the Insanity workout program (also Zumba 2-3 times per week) and ate no more than 1600 calories a day and about two weeks in it started happening--I was losing weight and my body was getting thinner! I was 8 pounds down three weeks in, 12 pounds down five weeks in, and 17 pounds down by the end of the sixty-day program. It has been a life altering experience as anyone that has ever known me knows that I'm a night owl. That has all changed--I get up at 5:00 a.m. each day now to work out for an hour (a workout that at first made me wish for death, I'm not kidding, but now I love it), eat breakfast, and I'm at work by 7:30/7:45. The once sleep deprived me is almost always in bed by 10:00 p.m. getting 7 good hours. Now my grandma stays up later than I do! I've continued with my "diet", Insanity, and Zumba. I don't really want to call what I eat now a diet because I'm still eating a ton, just no real junk like tons of needless sugar and carbs. I do have a few cheats here and there--a beer, a piece of dark chocolate, or even a slice of pizza--but I'm still losing and I just passed the 20 pound mark a couple of weeks ago. The crazy thing is that I didn't even realize I needed to lose that much, but in looking at my body and thinking about how I really feel now, I know it was definitely the right thing to do. I don't have any concrete goals ahead of me for losing more, but I would like to get down 25 pounds total which is just a couple pounds over my college weight and get more toned. If it doesn't happen I'm still very happy with where I am right now.
I know only about five people follow this site, but I hope that maybe my small life success will inspire you to be a better you in 2012!
I may start another blog where I post a page of a book I've written every me if you'd read it. We'll see where that goes.
Take care of yourself and I'll write again soon!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Shower

The shower is where a bunch of stuff lurks that I once bought thinking I'd use it. I mean, I really had the best of intentions. I looked in there just now and trashed three things I know I haven't use in AT LEAST a year. The one body wash had hard water stains on it so bad I'm not sure it could be opened. Now, ask me what I did once I threw this stuff away? Replaced it with new stuff I bought today that I hope to use more frequently. AH! But, the good news is that I did get rid of something!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I got rid of two pairs of pants last night! I only have about forty left to go! I mean, if I haven't worn them in a year I should get rid of them, right? (The answer to this is yes...only my mother tilts her head to think about this one!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I don't accept it

I don't accept two things today:

1) That the Sears Tower is now called Willis Tower (WRONG)
2) Women that work out with their hair down (WRONG)

Sorry I don't have more to say than this, but I'm sure I'll come up with something better soon.

Sears Tower

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shut up!

I feel like I've posted about this before, but maybe not. People who look at their phone during a movie or play should be taken out front and flogged. It's annoying. The whole screen lights up and it ruins the ambiance. They make some device where you can jam the signals of cell phones around you (like in the immediate vicinity) and I think I'm going to look into it. Then again, then the idiots would probably spend even more time looking at their phones because they'd want to figure out what was wrong with it! AH!
I really don't have much more to say than that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

People who cut in line

Has it been that long? No post since August 23rd? You might ask if I've been under a rock or hiding out somewhere...nope. The answer is the general business of life has been interfering with my ability to blog (add in a touch of laziness and working on other writing projects and that's really about all I've been doing).

My post today is about people who cut in line. I don't like them. I was at a festival on Saturday and I confronted a woman about it telling her where the line began-way behind me and everyone else in front of me. She made some comment like "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the lady up there." She pointed, referencing the woman working the booth who had no idea that some cutter was manipulating the system. And with that flippant comment, I was really angry (not to mention I'd had a glass or two of sauvignon blanc so I'd found myself with a tad bit more courage than normal...even though I would have said something anyway). Then, she proceeded to ignore me and go to the front of the line anyway and get what she wanted before everyone else in line. She started to walk by me again and I reminded her "like I said, the line begins back there...we're ALL waiting." She proceeded to act like she didn't hear me and give me a general look of unbelievableness (if that's a word) with an obvious trace of fear that I actually confronted her and because I'm sure her whole life is based off of doing what she did without comment from anyone around her. Now, what I really wanted to do to finish our "conversation" was to smack that plate of cheesecake out of her hand that she had just purchased by cutting in line. I know, I know, definitely not a lady-like thing to do and definitely not a way to make a good example with children. So, instead I just gave her a look, the look that told her I could make an example of her if I wanted to but I was going to take the high road. The one good thing that came out of it was the woman behind me seemed pleased that someone said something. The bad thing that came out of it is that is actually ruined my time for a moment, and I just don't like that.

Anyway, today I condemn all of the people who cut in line and remind them that karma is always lying in wait.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turn it down/Pull them up

I would like to eighty-six the idea that someone should be allowed to listen to music so loudly in their car that I can hear it (even when I'm several cars away). Please don't assume I want to listen to your gangster rap, bad 80's tunes, or even Frank Sinatra. I may not be in the mood to be subject to your tastes. It's just so annoying. I put the eighty-sixing of this concept right up there with guys who thinks it's cool to wear their pants around their knees so I can see their underwear/boxers. Ridiculous. I'm not even sure why this isn't public indecency. I actually had an attorney tell me once that one of his clients attempted to flee from the scene of a crime but couldn't because he kept trying to pull up his pants and was incessantly tripping on them. What an idiot because he committed a crime and then he wasn't even smart enough to wear pants that fit properly so he could get a away.