Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good idea, bad day

I set a goal for myself today: clean some clothes out of my closet. Well, I've finished. I have four suits I plan to try and sell through a consignment shop and four other pairs of nice dress slacks and some shoes. It's a win-win for everyone! I was also able to successfully separate out summer from winter clothes in the closet, which made me realize how much I'd like to live somewhere where I ONLY need summer clothes. Plus, I love palm trees, the ocean, and locales that offer lots of opportunities for adventure (not where I live now at all). Anyway, as to the closet, I made serious progress and for that I'm proud. But, there are problems with goals. My timing was absolutely horrific as it's almost ninety today and the humidity is ridiculous and, here's the big kicker, our air conditioning is broken. AH! And it's Sunday so there's little to do until tomorrow. Besides the toilet (and indoor plumbing and sanitation in general) air conditioning is one of my favorite inventions! I hope I didn't make any hasty eighty-six clothing decisions as my brain seems to be operating at half-capacity. After I get done posting this I plan to head out and station myself in a nice book store or mall that has the air on full blast.

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