Monday, July 25, 2011

For God's sake man, throw it out

Has it really been a fortnight since I've posted! UGH! Please bear with me as I need some comfort during this hard posting time...
The worst of all things lurking in my needing to be cleaned out wardrobe is a swimsuit from yesteryear. YIKES! There is nothing quite like an old swimsuit to darken my spirits--reminding me of the ten pounds I can't lose and the just-dug-up look I maintain (even in the midst of one of the hottest, sunniest summers ever). Thus, it is with great pride I now trash the yesteryear swimsuit. I do note that I got good use out of it, as it couldn't be worn anymore if I wanted to as there's some elastic that would surely give way from overuse and an extra pound here and there, but it must go.
I think tomorrow I'll have a salad and multiple glasses of water to comprise my daily caloric intake.

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