Monday, May 30, 2011

You can't eighty-six this

Today's post is based on frustration for those things one simply can't eighty-six. I know, it's pretty much not what this blog was supposed to feature, but I need to expound. Today's feature is our two cats. They are wonderful, love them both, but after a nearly $500 vet bill a couple of days ago I pondered who else may want them. And it's not like there was a major problem - it was mostly wellness crap - that ran up the bill. The worst thing is I can't remember the last time I spent $500 on my own "wellness". But, when I look at them I can't help but think they are the only creatures on this planet that don't judge me; and if they do, they forget like five minutes later.
Thus, I will snuggle with them and remind myself of that which one cannot eighty-six. [insert long, drawn out sigh here]

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