Sunday, August 7, 2011

Map to Nowhere

It is without fail that I keep lots of things I shouldn't. I have a large collection of maps (and other useless pamphlets) from trips we've taken. I think my hope is that I'll go back there again--or that someone I know will go and I can save them some time and point them in the right direction of something we did while in a certain location. The problem with this last point is that I can rarely find this stuff when other people are practically en route. So, yesterday I found myself throwing out some old literature and maps from places we haven't been in a while. I even took a moment to look up the old map I had for a place we went to several years ago and I found it to a fairly useless map as a major road had changed. Thus, to the recycle bin it went. I think in the future I'm going to make it my goal to pick up as few pieces of paper I can about a place I'm visiting. Perhaps I'll learn to listen better and simply report based on what I remember. It just seems easier on our place and the environment.

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  1. Sorry, this need to collect maps is not your fault - it is the "Elvis" gene.