Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Fancy soap doesn't work for me. I have a lot of it in the depths of the hallway closet. Fancy soap is the soap that comes in the little boxes, usually in sets of 2-4, and it smells really good. The problem is that we have the hardest water in the history of man. So, using a bar of soap is a futile effort. My skin just never, ever feels soft after using a bar of soap in our shower. Then, that just leads to using lotion, and I have yet to be able to make a habit of putting on lotion daily - I suppose I should - and this soap just adds that extra step to my already rushed daily routine. 
Anyway, I'm regifting some of this soap so it won't be wasted. 
I do hate to get rid of the boxes...they are very pretty. 

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