Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dance Like Nobody's Watching (that's what they did)

Did you see the post yesterday? Good one, huh? April Fools! There was not and will be no post for yesterday. Sorry! But, today I'm glad to say I will be taking back an unfortunate work out DVD I bought at Target this week. It's called "Dancercise," and it's the worst series of work out DVDs I've tried to take part in in my entire life (and that's saying a lot as I have bought tons of them). I watched the first one and I actually thought it was a joke. There were three more and after watching a second I was just hooked for the you tube hilarity of it all and decided to watch excerpts of them all. It was so generic and it's sad to say, but I felt sorry for the trainers (at least I'm assuming some of them were) that were involved in the production of the DVDs. I'm not sure if it was the awful music, pathetic backdrop, poor cues, or odd staging of individuals for each segment that turned me off to the entire thing. Anyway, it's going back to Target. If they won't take it I'll take it to the Goodwill.

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