Monday, March 28, 2011

Let there be (book) light

The book light has gone through many a transformation since it's early beginnings. I've had many book lights, but my first was a chunky one from I think Borders (which is pretty much closing down and is killing me..where can I go hide at lunch now?). The problem with my first book light is that it weighs so much there is no way to even put it on the book to read it. Besides, book lights seems to be going the way of books - the dodo bird. It seems we will all eventually have to adjust to a world of ebooks. I'm sure Gutenberg's monument in Mainz will soon be holding a Kindle instead of a real book. This makes me want to cry every time I think about it, as a writer and a self-proclaimed bibliophile, but it's the sad reality of things.
I will say that I'm only eighty-sixing my first book light because it's too bulky to be practical, not because I've completely abandoned books in print. That would be insane.
Photo soon to follow...stay tuned.

Here it is (and only a day later!):

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