Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm fresh off a lovely dinner with my girlfriends - one of which is my friend Diane. If you've been following my eighty-sixing, you know I eighty-sixed a pair of satellite-esque earrings she bought me some time ago (can't remember exactly when). See "Satellite Feed" post from February 7th. After having a delicious dark chocolate and sea salt caramel together, I think all is right between us!
Anyway, tonight's post relates to the fact that almost nothing goes back into the package from whence it came. So, the real question is: Why do I keep the packages that once housed these objects that never return to their original home? Dear folks, that is the whole point of this blog, that my mind doesn't function like a normal person; a person that would say "I'm going to recycle this/throw this out because I will never use it again!" Okay, maybe a normal person wouldn't say they're going to recycle something, but they should! As I can't stop digressing, I will now get to it. I found a plastic cylinder that once housed and ice pack I bought after a calf tear. I know, ouch. Anyway, there is no possible way the ice pack is going back in this now too cramped cylinder. Thus, it is bound for the recycling bin.

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