Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Via Con Dios, Hal

It can't be - I didn't post yesterday? Where does the time go? When you're editing a manuscript time gets away from you - sorry!
Today's eighty-six is sentimental for me. It's a book titled Bettas: A Complete Introduction. I guess it's hard for me because it's a book - and if you knew me you'd know I never get rid of books - and the other reason is Hal. He was our first pet. He was a beautiful blue and red Betta. He was such a good pet. I discovered for a Betta he lived a long time, like two years. We were glad to have him while he was here. I've been holding on to this book because of my feelings for Hal. and that's just silly. But, to add some humor to this, no one needs a book on bettas. You simply get one, put it in some water, feed it fishy food, and it lives! It's the easiest and most fun pet yet (as they are aggressive and assert behaviors that are fun to watch).
Maybe some day, when I feel like talking about it, I'll share Hal's demise on this blog. Not tonight.

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