Saturday, March 5, 2011

You've got junk mail!

It seems that every few months I accumulate mass quantities of junk mail that I stack on a desk, on the kitchen table, or here and there. I suppose I think it will just get rid of itself if I don't look at it. Then, one day, like today, I just realize it's out of control and the problem must be addressed. Over the years, I've become a favorite of many bleeding heart causes - I assume this is because my address was leaked when I subscribed to some magazine (probably Vegetarian Times as it seems like an easy target) or because I gave money to the Humane Society. Either way, it seems I get unbelievable amounts of junk mail. This evening, I went through all of it and sorted it out; I discovered that most of it truly is junk mail so it has been placed in my paper recycling bin. This is a good thing as they're having a paper drive at the park nearby; thus, this eighty-six is good for me, the environment, and my community. Ah...I'm feeling better already!

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