Thursday, March 3, 2011

Press On

Every now and then - like when one of my friends gets married - I feel like it's a good idea to buy a press on nail kit. The fact of the matter is that this is never a good idea. Unless you go to a nail salon and get your nails put on professionally - which I DON'T recommend as those places are not well regulated and I once knew of someone who had to have the tip of her pinky removed due to gang green from a fake nail gone bad - a nail will not stay put. And, it really makes sense if you think about it - you're trying to glue something over your nail to look like a nail. In my life, I've learned that most things that are layered on top of one another - wallpaper to give a good example - just don't end well (besides dessert, of course). So today I find myself deep in the hall closet again where I found a press on nail kit I must have bought in a weak moment for a special occasion. When I look in it I see that it contains most of the nails that came with the package, which simply means I put a few on and then said forget this and put the box away in the closet. For some reason I always think it will end differently; it never does.
So I say be proud of the nails you have - or don't have - and forget about this fake stuff.

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