Sunday, March 27, 2011

Useless cables

I found a drawer full of cables. I know they've been in there a long time as I've never used any of them. I don't have enough technology know-how to even understand what they go to. Mark inspected them and came to the conclusion that I should see what they go to before throwing them out - I told him OK, but this probably just means they'll go back in a drawer for another few years until I actually throw them out. I don't have the time to cross-reference cable ends to all of the pieces of technology I own. But, there was one he approved eighty-sixing; not even his technology-minded brain can figure out what it goes to. I think finding all of these cables has been good for me; in the future I will use a marker to mark them so I can distinguish what they are supposed to be used for (and then I expect they will still go in a drawer for several years before I rid myself of them!).
I will have one more eighty-six later today - to make up for yesterday - stand by.

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