Friday, February 4, 2011


This evening, I went to our hallway/linen/medicine closet for eighty-sixing inspiration. I'm always overwhelmed by the things I find there, like expired medications and lotions with defunct pumps, it's like I don't even know where the space begins and ends. But, then, I saw it. It's a bottle or perfume made by Avon called "Haiku". I've had this bottle of perfume for a long time. I even remember who got it for me - my Aunt Cathie. But, what happened to it? It was placed along with a bunch of other junk in the closet and lost forever and I forgot I even had it until just now. I sprayed it and I get the feeling - after all of these years - that it once smelled much better than it does at this point. The ironic thing about finding it was in the same area was an instruction booklet for one of the many thermometers I eighty-sixed at the onset of this resolution. Thus, this eighty-six is kind of two part by happenstance!

I leave you with this haiku about Haiku:

It is not your fault,
You were lost amongst the stuff,
Off you go, Haiku.

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