Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today's source of eighty-sixing: the kitchen tensil drawer. I swear I have more places to look than the kitchen utensil drawer and the hallway closet, but these places are really ripe for eighty-sixing. If you remember an earlier post I did, I made brief mention to the fact that I was pretty sure there were pipe cleaners in there. Well, there were. There are actually ten of them, white in color, and wrapped in a plastic bag. I simply have NO IDEA why these are in the kitchen utensil drawer. At least they could be in the catch-all kitchen drawer, right? I find this post to be a no-brainer and there isn't that much more to say - when you have pipe cleaners in your kitchen utensil drawer you really do need to eighty-six some stuff!
For your amusement (put on your glasses as this pic is really small!):

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