Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes old is better

There are some inventions that withstand the test of time. The good, old-fashioned can opener is one of them. You simply place it over the can and crank the the mechanism with your other hand and the perforated blade cuts the tin can. Some people have tried to improve upon this. For example, this "handy" device pictured below that I got several years ago from a family member - I'm thinking it was my mom or grandma, but I can't remember.

Unfortunately, I have never liked this can opener or found it useful. Each time I tried to use it, I would be frustrated. It would take me three attempts just to get this thing to work and I have a doctorate (and I taped the directions to the top of it). Thus, I will take the batteries out - which probably have nearly all of their charge left because I didn't use this device more than two times - and I will send this can opener off to the Goodwill. If any of my family or friends is reading this and wants it, I will bring it to you if you text or email me. Either way, it's outta here!

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