Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you smell what I smell?

We all have the kitchen cabinet that's so tall we can't see all the way back on the top shelf. Some of us even have the cabinet over the fridge we haven't looked in for years - I can't wait to get to that as there should be prime eighty-sixable objects there. In one of my too tall cabinets on the top shelf way in the back I found some old macadamia nut pieces. When I found them I thought when was the last time I even baked anything with macadamia nuts? I asked myself that as this particular top shelf cabinet is in my baking cabinet area. After extensively searching my brain, I couldn't think of any time at all that I've cooked with macadamia nuts. I wouldn't make brownies with them, or candy, or even include it in cake icing. It's still a mystery to me. But here they are - sad to admit they are over one year expired - eyeing me with contempt as I've been so wasteful. I made the mistake of opening the bag - old nuts have just an awful smell. I don't think I'd eat one of these tiny pieces on a dare (unless a large monetary amount was tied to it). I wish this page was scratch and sniff so you could really experience what I just did. Ew. Needless to say, these nuts are toast.

Useful tip of the day: Did you know that eying and eyeing are both correct? I've always used the latter, but I found this fact interesting as spell check tried to correct me which took me to one of my most visited sites - I just thought I'd share the knowledge.

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