Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why?! (probably won't be the last time I use this subject line for a post)

I have a propensity to keep things I know I won't use again. About five years ago - and I know this because the expiration on the lid says "May 24, 2006" - I decided to keep a jar that once housed black cherry jam (again, I know the latter fact because the top also says "Black Cherry"). I kept the jar because it is a very pretty glass with pretty fruit impression on it. Also, I like it's shape. My thinking was probably that I could use it as a storage container for leftovers, but I have never done that. I guess this could be due to the fact it isn't in my cabinet that houses these storage receptacles. That being said, it has been dormant for some 5 years in my corner kitchen cabinet - which is freestanding and contains all of my speciality cookware - and I have not used it. Thus, I found myself wondering why I've kept it. I suppose it's the slight hoarder nature in me that was thinking I can eventually use this for something down the road, right? Wrong. If it's been sitting there for five years I haven't used it, it ain't gonna happen. Thus, the way of eighty-six it goes.
I tried to get a good photo - this is all I came up with and it doesn't show much detail.

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