Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There's no gold in them there hills

There's nothing like finding an old VHS tape that reminds you that technology has come very far. We don't even have a VHS player so any VHS tape in our home is useless. Mark found - and I saw it the other day so I claim partial eighty-sixing rights - a VHS tape we've had for quite some time. The title, now brace yourself as this one is pretty funny, "Gold Prospectors Association of America Sure-Fire Panning Methods". Yes, that's right, at one time someone in my home - not me - was a member of the Gold Prospectors Association of America. I would watch a bit of this tape if I still had the capacity, as I'm sure I would find it humorous, but I really don't care enough to find a garage sale so I can buy a VHS player just to do that.
Needless to say, we never became rich off gold panning - at least not yet - and this tape has just become part of my eighty-sixing history.

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