Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Groundhog Day started out well. Phil didn't see his shadow; thus, Spring will be here soon (I'm predicting March 21st). This was good news to start the day, but then I fell on the sidewalk just before getting in my car to leave for the day and my whole body, neck, and right side are currently suffering. It seems that where I work was the only place open in the entire state. It was ridiculous. Anyway, I'm not gonna type too much as I need to soak in the tub to see if I can prevent any morning muscle spasms or stiff neck syndrome. Plus, it hurts to hunch over this keyboard.
Anyway...for Christmas, my best friend, Lynsay, got me an iPhone 4 cover. At that time, my goal was to get an iPhone in the new year. As it so turns out, I wasn't that keen on the iPhone and I went with a Windows phone, which so far, I adore. But, that leaves me with a useless phone case. It just so happens that Lynsay plans to get herself an iPhone this month, the month when Verizon becomes AT&T's fiercest rival and also offers Apple products, so she can put this case to good use. I will give it to her Sunday when I see her for Superbowl. Perhaps she'll even have her new phone by then!
Stay safe and warm everyone (if you live in a warm state, I don't care what you do!).

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