Monday, February 28, 2011

The (Liquid) Rock

One of my friends recommended that I try "rock" deodorant. You can do an Internet search for this and see the different varieties, but basically the idea is that rock (also know as crystal) deodorants are all natural and usually free of bad normal deodorant additives like aluminum and paraben. While I've only tried one brand of rock deodorant - "Liquid Rock" by Kiss My Face - I found it ineffective and in a word, wet. While I can appreciate the natural nature of this deodorant, I felt dirty after I put it on as it doesn't dry right away and I would have to hold my arms up and let my armpits dry for about a minute. I don't know about most of you, but when it comes to my morning rituals they need to be as short and easy as possible as I'm always pressed for time. While I recommend a natural deodorant - Kiss My Face makes others that aren't of the "rock" variety, as does Jason and Tom's of Maine to name a couple more - I'm not so sure the rock deodorant is right for me. Then again, maybe one of a less "liquid" constitution would work better for me. Either way, natural deodorants are the way to go and I've even found that they work! 

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