Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Green Men

Since the Superbowl is tonight, I thought I should post before that starts. I plan to eat so much junk and drink a few beers which will most likely render my brain useless.
I found a package of "Bendable Alien Toys" in the catch-all basket on our kitchen table (which holds so much crap we rarely eat at it - I mean, does anyone use their kitchen table to eat?). Anyhow, there's no point in keeping these. As you will see, they are still in the wrapper. While they are somewhat endearing, and I think Mark and I got them as I gag gift, some little kid will probably like them a lot and actually remove them from the package and play with them. Thus, the eighty-six is easy today! Plus, the Bendable Alien toys are green, which is very fitting for tonight's game - GO PACK!

 "We come in peace."
 - Bendable Alien Toy

And yes, eventually I'm going to figure out how to make photos larger.

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