Friday, February 11, 2011

Lesser of two evils

What is it about's like if we don't have it we might die. When I tell people I spent a whole weekend reading, writing, and I didn't turn the TV on once they look at me like I've been dropped on this planet by an alien leader. But, alas, even I must have TV. The biggest issue is which provider to go with as they will all take your money and provide you with a vast array of TV shows that you won't watch. The ones you really want to watch - the ones that provide any kind of true educational and personal growth value - don't come in the "cheap" package and one must always upgrade. We used to have dish Network. Overall, we had one of two satellite problems - where it rained really hard and we couldn't watch TV - but otherwise the actual service was good. The worst thing about dish Network was that once we were their customer they wouldn't upgrade us or make our service better without a ton of cash and a DNA sample. They told us we had to leave for 6 months and then come back and then they would treat us like the new customers they treated so well - so much for customer loyalty. So, when U-verse became available I thought, why not? So, we now have U-verse. I think the actual services they offer - like being able to record a million things simultaneously - is pretty awesome. But, like with all TV providers, U-verse isn't right for everyone. Our place was built in 1960 so the wiring is old; thus, we have suffered dearly at its hands. I think we've met at least five or six AT&T employees and none of them have truly fixed the problem. There for a while it was a running joke - what man (not to be sexist but the repair workers were always men that came to our place) would be at our house when I got home from work. Sigh. Anyway, as always I've taken a very circuitous route to get to my eighty-sixable object of the day. I found in the coffee table next to our couch in the living room - which is where our TV is - an old Channel Directory for dish Network. As I've already set forth our entire TV provider history, we obviously don't need this anymore. I guess now I'll go watch one of my many useless channels. Perhaps I'll choose Wealth TV. That's right, a channel all about rich people and all the stuff they have that most of us will never see and all the places they go that are out of our reach. Come on, man!

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