Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blinded by the light

I'm not sure when I decided it was a good idea to amass a large number of eye covers. Well, I guess that's what you call them. You know, the things you put over your eyes to block the light out while you sleep. I found three the other day and thought that maybe I should keep one of them -which I'm doing - but why would I need three? Plus, I rarely use them anyway. It's like I put them on and they just feel unnatural, as they are so that makes sense, and I just feel like they're a bad pair of contacts that I can constantly feel. Additionally, there is something really weird about opening your eyes and not seeing anything but black fabric. Oh, and you know when you can feel a shadow through your eyelids, like you know when someone is near you or over you, well you can't do that with an eye cover so for some reason that creeps me out and makes me feel uneasy. While most of this post is simply a neurotic stream of consciousness, two of these things are getting tossed
Sleep tight!

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