Saturday, February 12, 2011

Failed Product #42 (and counting...)

I think I'm a typical woman in that I've tried a lot of skin care products, particularly those that promise less blemishes and clearer skin. Probably three years ago, I bought and tried Boots "expert anti-blemish" line. I always say something like this is my last ditch effort before I go to a dermatologist whenever I purchase a new product. I never follow through on my promise and just keep trying more products. I thought only the teenage years were for blemishes - "blemish" just sounds so much better than "acne" or "zit" - but I had wonderful skin in my teens. Anyway, I found the Boots line in the hallway closet where it has been sitting unused for a long time. I started looking around and noticed this won't be my only eighty-six on this type of skin care product. I've wasted tons of money on this stuff. Perhaps this Boots product line actually worked for somebody, but I didn't find it useful and it's full of parabens so it gets the big eighty-six this evening. Last year, I actually started a resolution where I told myself I wouldn't buy any new skin products, including lotions, for two months and I would simply use up what I had. I actually did do this and managed to get rid of a lot of products, but it seems I've fallen off the wagon.

Side note: Other useless brands I've tried include: Proactive (way too harsh), Arbonne (too expensive and didn't do anything), No. 7 (I can't even remember who makes this); Aveeno (didn't do much), Clean and Clear (minimal results), and lots of others I can't think of off of the top of my head. Plus, most of these products are tested on animals and contain parabens, which is just bad!

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