Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regularity Redux

It seems unbelievable, but in the cavern I call our hallway closet I found yet more acidophilus. If you look back at my January 7th post, you will see that at one point I really fell in to the trap of the" benefits" of acidophilus.  I cringe - again - at reading the purpose of the product on the bottle: "Acidphilus Aids in Reestablishing and Reinforcing Intestinal Flora". While I'm not going to say it doesn't work - as it has a huge following and it seems to really help those that need it - it just made my life a lot worse and my story is more of a cautionary tale than a  product testimonial. At to this bottle of acidophilus, it looks nearly full - there are 120 pills and it looks like all but two are in there - and the contents expired in 2003! Say what? I lived mostly in another apartment until 2005 so that means I actually brought back with me expired, useless acidophilus. Why would one do that? Even if this product still worked, it's so old its potency has been severely compromised at this point. Anyway, it's getting trashed and the bottle recycled!

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