Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know the military has done some tests on old medicine. The tests I'm thinking of were focused on the effects of medicine that had expired. I was reminded of these tests when I found a seven year old bottle of Robitussin-DM in our hallway closet. Surely this stuff is too old to take! I smelled and it smells like Robitussin should, but there seems to be some kind of weird undertone I can't place. I haven't tasted it yet as I'm a bit afraid. I found this great article on expired meds and their potency:

It seems that there is some validity - there are other articles out there, too - to old drugs' usefulness even years after the expiration date. And, I looked online and this isn't the Robitussin they recalled not too long ago for some kind of odd issue. But, the fact is this stuff really is old and it doesn't contain any kind medicine I can't still get over the counter without signing my life away (thanks meth heads). While I'm tight on cash, I think I can afford another bottle of this stuff that doesn't crack when I twist the cap to open it from years of Robitussin caking along the rim.

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