Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100% useless

I thought I would look cool in a bandanna while working out, you know, I could fold it just right and tie it on top of my head to hold my hair down. I bought one at a flea market. It's white on black and cost $1. It's one of the typical bandannas with the paisley-like, uniform design on it. It's square and is apparently 100% cotton as that's what it says on one of the corners (not on a tag, but written on the actual piece of fabric). It took me one time to realize I do not look cool with a bandanna around my head - working out or otherwise. I tried it on several ways at home and then threw it in a drawer because I realized it just wasn't gonna happen. I don't know why I didn't just get rid of it, but I am now. At least this was one of my cheaper lessons in life.

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