Monday, January 17, 2011

Jackie Oh-no

I found a pair of black sunglasses on my kitchen table in my "catch all" basket. I think this basket will produce many items that meet eight-six criteria, but these sunglasses come first. I know I was talking about old workout videos yesterday, but these sunglasses are a much easier target. I think these sunglasses are from my friend Christa's wedding last June. They were given to members of the wedding party so when we walked out when we were announced we could look cool. From a distance, they look fine, but up close, not so much. My style is more Jackie O than eighties Bono. That being said, I'm sure that someone at the Goodwill will really enjoy these, day or night. Also, since my friend Christa and I love the Goodwill, she will respect the donation.

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