Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feel the Warmth

I got a device - I believe for myself - that you plug in and place a cup of coffee or candle on to keep warm. I think maybe I used the device only a hand full of times, at which point it got pushed into a corner of my desk drawer in my office where it could only be seen by happenstance. I saw it last Spring, in May, when I moved offices, but I just put it back in another corner or another drawer in another office. Today,when I decided I had to do something in my office besides work and feeling like others are getting undeserved praise, I again found the candle/coffee cup warmer. It just doesn't interest me. First off, it's most likely dangerous for me to use this device in my office; it doesn't have auto shut-off and there is a chance I would forget about it. Second, I rarely ever drink my coffee so slowly I need a device to keep it warm. So, this device made for an easy eighty-six entry today and it will be placed in the Goodwill pile (I can't imagine how many jobs I'm going to create through all of my donations!). Additionally, I'm thankful for writing this small paragraph in my blog today as it's a nice diversion from my three-hundred page novel that I'm editing! I wish I had more to say right now - so I didn't have to get back to it at this very moment - but the thing isn't going to publish itself!

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