Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not "Palette"able

Make up, make up, make up. I've got more make up than I can handle. It's the biggest, useless seller out there - next to wrinkle creams - that inundates our drawers. Don't get me wrong, I do wear make up, but for me, the make up I wear must be easy. For example, I do not place foundation on a cotton wedge to apply to my face; I simply put in on my fingertips and go. Also, I don't normally curl my lashes as that would make putting on mascara a two-step process. (Note: I will curl them for a special occasion.) I will put eyeshadow on with a brush as that's how it's done. Another thing I don't do is buy a lip product that requires a tool for application. What I mean by that is having to dip say a brush into a the lipstick and then apply it - tubes of lipstick or lip gloss are acceptable. So, today I find myself letting go of a Clinique Lip Palette my best friend Lynsay got me some time ago. It is, unfortunately, one of the above mentioned scenarios where a brush must be used to apply the lipstick. I did what I normally do with new make up - vigilantly followed the rules and applied as I should for a week or so - and then the palette got placed along with the rest of my make up bone yard. While the palette was a good gift - and was probably a good faith effort by Lynsay to make me more motivated to feel prettier and wear better make up - its dormancy is now its defining characteristic and it must be trashed (plus, I hear make up has a shelf life anyway). The palette was also a way to raise money for breast cancer - as it has a pink case and a mirror inside with a pink ribbon - so I do feel good that money went towards that cause. Nonetheless, the palette will be in my home no longer.

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