Friday, January 14, 2011


Sometimes one need go no farther than their kitchen to discover things that need thrown away - I myself discovered this today. Up on a shelf where I keep my often used sea salt and olive oil, I realized there was a bottle of white truffle oil I'd had for some time but knew I'd only used once. For those of you who don't know, truffles are haute cuisine fungi. Here's a link to these seemingly turdesque, yet edible, fancy spores: After using the product one time, to saute some potatoes, I decided it was too pungent for me. Now, keep in mind that I probably can't afford the type of truffle oil that Martha Stewart keeps in her well-stocked pantry, but I have a feeling even the top-shelf stuff may repulse me. But, because of my quasi-hoarder-like nature - that's right, quasi - I placed it back on the shelf as I thought maybe I could find a good use for it later. So today, after at least a year of using the product and almost as if I felt like double-dog-daring myself after a decent Friday at work, I decided to take down the bottle of white truffle oil, remove the cork, and smell it. I'm not joking when I tell you that I instantly gagged so loudly I surprised even myself. It didn't smell that good to begin with, but now it smells simply rancid. It will take everything in my power after this post to do the right thing: poor the contents down the drain and recycle the bottle. (I really just want to throw the entire thing in a dumpster far, far away.) I leave you with a photo of these awesome specimens (from the same link above - Wikipedia). That's right, this isn't just considered edible, but rich people edible.

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