Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Please give your support to stop "butt dialing"

Allow me to introduce you to my old cell phone, the Samsung SGH-d407. (It's AMAZING how far cell phones have come since this one; it's also amazing how far Cingular has come now that it's part of AT&T). While I love Samsung phones - as my current phone is a Samsung and it is just exhibiting its death cry after two-and-a-half years of torture in one of my many purses - the Samsung SGH-d407 was awful. I suffered through two years of this phone "butt dialing" everyone. This is a general term I use to account for each time my phone would call someone - in my purse, in my pocket, on my nightstand! - without direction. One might ask: Why do you still have this phone? Well, it wasn't nostalgia; rather, I had a bag of phones I donated to a battered women's shelter and somehow this demon phone weaseled its way out of that bag. At this point, I'm pretty much over it and I plan to trash it (after attempting to recycle the battery inside of it, of course). Anyway, this phone is a nice diversion for me this evening as I just got done vomiting a taco salad I had for lunch in the bathroom - and a bunch of other stuff queued up behind it. I suppose Mark didn't have food poisoning after all and that that much dreaded stomach flu found and tackled me. Now that I've held true to my promise to myself to write in this blog everyday and get rid of something, too, I'm back to bed.

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