Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's (not) in the bag

I bought a new sheet set about a week ago, the nice tee shirt kind. I bought then because they're cheaper than my expensive taste 400 plus thread count taste - I may not be much of a snob in life, but I am a self-proclaimed sheet snob. Also, we simply needed new sheets. They came in a little bag that has a little cotton tie you can cinch down on whatever is in the bag. After I removed the sheets from the bag, I asked Mark what he thought - should we keep the bag? I mean, it may actually be useful for something. The bag has been sitting on our kitchen table since then. In the meantime, I saw a Hoarders episode where they say that those persons with hoarding tendencies will keep things that are useless to most all other people with the justification that they can use those things for another purpose. This sheet bag is the perfect example. I mean, for what purpose will I ever use this? I won't, so without further adieu, it's trashed.

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