Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pauvre (Poor) Coco

Some time ago, two very close friends of mine got me a bottle of Coco (Chanel) Eau de Parfum for my birthday. I wanted this perfume because I was confused and thought it was the perfume that Marilyn Monroe famously said she wore to bed every night. (Later I found out that was Chanel No. 5, which really doesn't smell that good if you ask me.) Anyway, my friends bought this expensive, large bottle of Coco. I wore it once and this guy that I worked with, who I thought was very handsome, told me I smelled like an old lady. I was barely out of college at the time and still susceptible to comments such as his; thus, the bottle made its way into the hallway "catch all" closet and was buried amongst all the other bottles of face lotions I used a few times and abandoned lotions that didn't properly moisturize but I don't have the heart to throw away. It wasn't until a couple of days ago, right before my presumptive mother-in-law was coming to stay with us, that I discovered it in the buried closet. I removed it, pulled off the cap and smelled it - it doesn't smell bad, but I don't like it. But, being the sentimental type that I am - which will surface regularly in this blog I'm sure - I didn't want to part with it. I know that I hold a "memory tag" for it, well, at least that's what the show Hoarders calls it. That's when someone has a tendency to keep something - even if it's just a receipt - because the memory of what the object stands for prevents them from throwing it out. I see the bottle and I think of my two good friends and the thoughtfulness behind getting me the bottle of perfume. So, carrying this memory tag burden with me, I placed it on top of the bureau with my other assorted array of perfumes that rarely get used. Then, when my presumptive mother-in-law was here, she was smelling the perfumes in our bedroom. Then, I saw her hand reach for Coco. I smiled thinking about who got me the bottle. She removed the cap and smelled the spray nozzle. She sprayed it on her wrist and buried her nose there to take in the smell. She looked at me and told me she liked it. I was surprised when I told her if she liked it she should take it. I thought did I say that?! But, immediately after I said it, I was surprised that I really meant it. The issue is she left and forgot to take it - and she doesn't live close - so now I have to ship it to her. It's sitting here next to me. I've taken the cap off several times while writing this to smell it and make sure I can really do this - commit to letting it go. I just smelled it again - it just isn't me. I got the bubble wrap out this morning so I can ship it. I just smelled it again! Anyway, right after I post this I'm going to find a little box and pack Coco all up so she can live a better life somewhere else. I will always remember Coco - the first item I eighty-sixed this year. Au revoir!

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