Sunday, January 16, 2011

This maid does not mist

Next to where the now eighty-sixed rancid truffle oil used to sit is an olive oil misting bottle. I call it that because I don't really know it's real name, but I think this sums it up - it's a bottle you fill with olive oil and you can lightly spray it in a pan. I used it a few times and then I just felt it was unnecessary. It's just another kitchen device I was roped into buying at a weak moment. The weird thing is I actually remembering buying it - picking it up off the shelf in TJMaxx and everything. But, alas, it is taking up space and I don't use it anymore. As to what tomorrow's eight-six post may bring, I've been eyeing some old work out videos I haven't used in a long time. I expect some humor may come out of that.

Sidebar: I titled this entry based on something I did while in Niagara Falls - I figured the play on words this time would be lost on many, so here's a link:

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