Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Red Dress, 1, Bridesmaid Dress, 0

It was brought to my attention after posting about the little red dress that a long red dress was needed for the wedding, not something cocktail length. Well, this was bad because the little red dress was securely placed back in its home - my closet. However, I realized that I need not despair as buried even deeper in the closet was a much neglected, old bridesmaid dress I wore to my youngest step-brother's wedding in the summer of '04. Alas, the candy apple red dress was carefully plucked from the depths and is now at Anna's. While I suppose you're wondering if I have a photo of the dress - which I do because I obviously wore it to a wedding - I'm not sharing that. Basically, if you go to any run-of-the-mill bridal store you can find a large variety of strapless, completely un-one-of-a-kind satiny numbers - with matching shaw-like accoutrements - that look exactly like this long red dress I'm referencing. While I didn't think I'd be thrown an eighty-six curveball this early in the game, it seems that paying way too much for a bridesmaid dress doesn't hurt as much if someone else can wear it again (it's a rare thing for a bridesmaid dress to make an encore). Therefore, even though the little red dress is back in the closet, the long red dress isn't there so I'm still on course.I'm unsure what will be eighty-sixed tomorrow...I've had my eye on a couple of things today that are on the way out; I'm just not sure when.

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