Sunday, January 23, 2011


I threw a baby shower for one of my friends almost three years ago. I was lucky enough to find some really cheap (yet pretty trendy) cards that were blank inside and had an old-style baby carriage on the front that said "little precious" under it. Besides the possible Lord of the Rings-like saying, they were nice, complete with a little ribbon that tied through the center of the card before placing it in the envelope. I found these cards just yesterday when I was searching for some paperclips. There are around fifteen of them. One of my employees is pregnant, so I figure she may be able to use them as thank you cards or something after she has her baby shower. Since they are just taking up space in a drawer, I will be sure to take them to work with me tomorrow. If she doesn't want them, I will send them with the Goodwill stuff.
Below is a pic of one of the invitations. I got a new phone so I'm still trying to figure things out so that's why this is so small, but hopefully this shows enough detail.

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