Friday, January 7, 2011


I bought some acidophilus a while back as someone - I can't remember who - convinced me that it would be good for my stomach. The bottle I have actually says that "acidophilus aids in reestablishing and reinforcing intestinal flora". This is just a scientific way of saying "you will go #2 more if you take these". I'm not sure why I was talking to anyone about my stomach - as I nearly never have stomach problems (except when I have stomach flu) - but I apparently fell for it and started taking the pills. I had heard that a lot of what I already needed was in yogurt, which I learned while watching commercials that offer too much information, but I thought it might still be a good idea. It was a bad idea. Here's the thing: If you're already regular you don't need acidophilus. It's just messing with an already good thing and that never bodes well. So, when I saw these old, forgotten pills in the hall closet last night I thought, "why did I keep these?" Then, I looked at the expiration date: March, 2006. Seriously? Thus, they are trashed as of one minute from the end of this post (the bottle recycled, of course).

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