Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seeing is believing

Like a lot of people, I wear contacts. I bet in our medicine cabinet/linen closet there are at least ten contact lens cases buried in there somewhere - I guess I'll get to that eventually. But, just now, I found some disinfectant that expired May of 2005. It's the same type of disinfectant I accidentally placed on a lens and then placed it directly on my eye - before diluting and soaking as suggested - when I was sixteen years old. This caused my pupil to get big and small over and over again, even though I wasn't stepping out of a dimly lighted room into a brightly lighted room. It was very scary.. This particular cleaner used to involve - I say "used to" as I'm sure they don't even make it anymore - placing contacts in a holding container-like disc overnight. I haven't done that in years and I don't plan to do it anymore. I actually get a little scared to think that I ever put this product in my eye, even if diluted, as it contains hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid.Then again, the bottle is kind enough to state in capital letters "CONTAINS NO PRESERVATIVES". I guess that doesn't matter much is it contains acid, now does it? I will now dump the liquid down the drain and set the bottle in the recycling.

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